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In a nutshell we could all use some weekly inspiration, motivation and fuel to keep us at our plans, aspirations and life long dreams. It’s not always easy though because life and stuff can get in the way.

At the end of the day we all need to have some sort of boost to help invigorate the creative mind and spring in to action and to know that it’s going to keep on coming; so we best go do something and fast!

It pays to make haste and get on and do – by taking consistent action you will consistently etch away at all of those precious aspirations rather than sitting looking at them, wondering where the times gone: because when it’s gone it truly is gone, finito…

Indomitable Spirit is here to help, your weekly companion to help see you through, boost your spirits and help catapult you to where you should be.

Lessons from the dojo; business; life – the creative eclectic mix will always create a welcomed surprise toolkit in your inbox each week. It could be a cool tip, fabulous tool or a great technique; it may focus on really inspiring you and keeping you magically motivated to create some real and dynamic progress, it might be just to make you smile, laugh or even move you to really do something tremendous this week.

We’ve combined the use of words, worksheets, audio, images, music and video to really make sure things are fresh, empowering and interesting…

Indomitable Spirit is for you if you can say yes to any of these:  (in fact mail us if you can add any more to this list :-)

  • You admit to procrastinating some of the time
  • Overwhelm or underwhelm
  • Fears (in any shape or form)
  • Dread – can’t get going
  • Lack of motivation
  • Writers block – stuck for ideas, inspiration for a project
  • Getting distracted by social media
  • Responsibilities taking up all of your time
  • Loss of self belief – that you can actually do any of these things anyway
  • Overload – too much going on and can’t get clarity
  • Emotional roller coaster – up and down and round and around

It’s all way to easy to let things slide, to let another day slip away. To think that we’ll get it done tomorrow, live in hope that a miracle will get it done for us.

How’s that working for you? No, I didn’t think so!

The real truth is that without a strong Indomitable Spirit you are highly likely to join around 97% of the population who do not ever complete, fulfil or reach their dreams, goals or expectations: and that’s those who even take the time to think about them, plan them, write them down and action them. This really means that sometimes we are just too much like a distractible squirrel;  so you just have to keep on keeping on with your self discipline to get the job done.

So step inside and let us show you around Indomitable Spirit and what it’s all about; feel free to try out a couple on us so you can see and do for yourself what we say you’ll be able to. That way you’re not taking our word for it, you’ll be taking yours and that’s worth a whole lot more than a tin of beans :-)

We’ll see you inside and have a warm cuppa ready for you…

And p.s. in case you’re wondering about the cost of this… depending on if you buy coffee out, it’s small change not big bucks :-)

Your membership dashboard will look like this …

IS dashboard


and it will be updated for you each and every week with something new – how wonderful! You’ll have everything all stored in there so there’s nothing to file or not be able to put your hands on :-)

We’ll also be sending you little messages just to see how you are doing, what you’re up to and keeping you on task…

The best thing though is to see it and join in for your self so if you want to grab the 2 week free trial just add your details below and we’ll get that organised for you a.s.a.p

Send me some Indomitable Spirit today!